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Tiptop update

This year has seen a big increase in workload!

We are happy to say the 2013-2014 winter season of sail cleaning and coating started with the coating of M5 s mainsail, currently the largest mainsail on the planet. We were asked to coat this sail with Wet n Forget an active anti fungacidal cleaning agent.

The crew of Mirabella have been using this treatment on their sails from new as advised by Doyle Sails the manufacturer, to great effect with no mould, algae or mildew problems. The sheer weight and size of this sail obviously was a challenge, with the 3 sections weighing in at approx. 1600 kilos. There has been, and still is, a lot of green algae and black dot mildew about this winter, we are really pleased with the results of carefully ridding this unsightly problem.  

Currently we are working on a set of 6 sails via North Sailmakers for a 150 ketch whose said sails have been covered in black dot mildew infection. Each sail is having a Wet N Forget coating too. It’s satisfying to say the sails are looking great once again.   Wet N Forget is a new process / product  for sails in the UK. Devised in New Zealand and used by sailmakers there along with Doyle Sailmakers in America . It is very very effective (after proper cleaning and Drying) at preventing algae and mildew growth for about 9 months.   Seal n Glide a completely different product to Wet n Forget -The two part mixture - Coating the fabric in a glass like finish. Very popular for Regattarising spinnakers (giving the fabric a new lease of life) and also when applied to furling genoa’s or mainsails, keeps the fabric dryer whilst furling tighter


Coverclean, your dirty covers continually challenge us and that is why we strive to work to the best of our ability and practicability. Some fabric is just too old. Always insist on a Fabsil Gold reproof when you have your cover cleaned.  Thank you for your time, From all our sailmaking partners and the Tiptop team. Safe winter sailing and a fruitfull winter servicing schedule.

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