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2020 Update

In this testing time of Covid 2020, its good to hear of the number of second-hand yachts, being purchased. This is excellent news for the future of our sport and the whole marine industry.

We at Tiptop Sail Laundry are busy with the start of our winter season, and at present, we are getting to grips with cleaning five sails from a 48-meter yacht. And our 'nothing is too big' philosophy is being well and truly tested.

In other news, stock of a replacement for Seal and Glide is arriving v soon.

We have just tested the new batch and can confirm it is, in our opinion, has the same properties as the original "Nano Coating " For those of you who know this product, that seals your sails with that glass-like slippery finish. It will be excellent to have this back as an option.

We do hope that in this strange year, you can all extend the sailing season, but when you are ready, our Trade Partners. ie . The cream of the UK's sail and cover makers will be waiting to deal with your laundry requirements for the winter.

We thankyou for trusting our 34 years of experience.


Trevor Leppard


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