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This years update - where does the time go!

Celebrating 33 years!

We are very pleased to be working with the uk sail and cover making trade , approaching our 33rd Year

As winter nears, thoughts of getting sails and covers off to your preferred trade partner of ours is looming . Don't panic we are here the whole year . But always better sooner rather than later . Before the dreaded mildew sets in.

Great improvements at getting rid, or at least fading Rust Stains. And we do this at no extra cost .

A real point to you all, is the work done by our trade partners. At labelling and storing for you properly. This is a potential nightmare! But be rest assured nothing has been lost by ourselves as our strict labelling system is adhered to . And the correct insurance policies are in place . {that last sentence just for your peace of mind} 

So consider our coating systems, Get those sails off and look forward to another amazing summer of boating.


Trevor Leppard  

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